benign tumor disorder

Benign nose tumors can be cured by surgery.

anthrocoanal polyps

The anthrocoanal polyp almost always develops at a young age and causes nasal respiratory obstruction, evident especially during the exhalation phase, when the aerial current tends to lift the polyp and compress it in the coanal region (the coanals are the rear nasal cavities that allow effective communication through the nose and mouth), which come to be completely obstructed.


Mucocele is a distension of mucous membrane due to the slow build up of mucous secretion. This tumorous disease develops slowly and can therefore reach remarkable dimensions. The mucocele treatment varies depending on the symptoms and usefulness of the treatment itself.

Symptoms and clinical signs are very similar to those of chronic sinusitis with mucopoiecele emergence. Other symptoms include intense pain and lack of rhinorrhea (runny nose).

Patologie tumorali benigne
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