disorders associated with the ear

Dr. Alberto Dragonetti's medical practice deals with typical ear disorders such as: chronic otitis, otosclerosis, general malformations and cancer pathologies. Let's see a brief summary for each category. To get more in-depth information, go to the specially dedicated subsections.

chronic otitis

Typically, when it comes to ear infections, it is the middle ear that gets inflamed. The middle ear is located behind the eardrum, and get filled with liquid. This is called middle ear infection.

Most short-lived or acute ear infections are usually resolved without any outside intervention whatsoever. When they continue to appear, however, they become classified as chronic infections where the liquid builds up and tends not to be absorbed.


An ear disease that causes deafness and consists of abnormal microscopic bone growth in the inner ear walls. In medical jargon, this pathology is also called "osteodystrophy of the labyrinthine capsule".

ear malformations

There may be various types of congenital malformations:

  • absence of external auditory duct;
  • absence of the earpiece;
  • minor malformations of the earcup (can be corrected by means of plastic surgery);
  • residual brachial cysts.

ear tumor disorders

Ear tumors, benign or malignant, can manifest itself in the middle ear and temporal bone. Middle ear tumors typically cause headache and hearing loss (mechanical problems that interfere with sound transmission). Temporal tumors, on the other hand, are external to the middle ear and can grow to be large without producing any symptoms.

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