disorders associated with the larynx

The larynx is the last stretch of the upper airways that allows the passage of the air, as well as phonation and protects the trachea during swallowing through the epiglottis.

Myopathy of vocal cords

Chronic inflammation of the mucosa and musculature (especially that of the vocal cords).

acute laryngitis

Caused by viruses, they are the complication of other disorders that affect the primary airways (rhinitis, adenoiditis, tonsillitis, influenza).

Chronic Laryngitis

A typical chronic laryngitis is for instance Reinke's edema, which is chronic smoking laryngitis. Causes a thickening of the vocal cords resulting in a gradual change in the tone of voice, which goes deeper and can even block the respiratory space at the glottis level.

Laringe e collo

disorders associated with the neck

Neck pain is a very common problem. Working harder at a desk and experiencing a hectic pace, we load stress and tension in the dorsal and neck parts. Pain is often caused by problems with the spine and can be caused by the muscle rigidity in the neck but also in the back. The upper neck of the neck serves the movement, the lower ones and the dorsal ones create a support structure, so if the neck system is affected by pathologies, then the muscles in that area stiffen and cause pain.

serious disorders (not too common)

  • spondylosis;
  • spinal stenosis;
  • disk hernia;
  • severe degeneration.


  • stress;
  • prolonged postures (frequent during sleep);
  • minor injuries and falls (road accidents);
  • secondary pain (dorsal problems);
  • muscle tension from excessive use.

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