otorhinolaryngologycal surgery

thyroid, oncological, reconstructive and snoring surgery

Dr. Alberto Dragonetti specializes in otorhinolaryngology surgery including traditional thyroid surgery and mini invasive surgery.

Traditional and mini-invasive thyroid surgery

Traditional thyroid surgery is performed when the surgery is complicated or the amount of tissue to be removed can be too great. This type of surgery involves a skin incision of about 2-8 cm on the lower part of the neck. Blood circulation is interrupted to remove the gland either partially or completely.

Mini invasive thyroid surgery involves a very small incision made a certain distance from the thyroid, such as under the armpit or chest. The intervention is done by endoscopy, that is, with the aid of a microcamera, which allows the surgeon locate the exact point where to make a second incision where he then inserts a thin tube with the scalpel end which then allows him to remove the thyroid .

Otorhinolaryngology surgery

In addition to thyroid surgery, otorhinolaryngologist surgery also includes:

  • reconstructive surgery for correcting malformations caused by genetic defects or injuries, illnesses and accidents
  • snoring or obstruction surgery that helps the patient breathe during night-time, avoiding overheating and apnoea episodes
  • oncological surgery for the local treatment of benign and malignant tumors
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